Patient Handling

Objectives of the Patient Moving & Handling Course

Our Patient Moving & Handling Course is designed to help candidates  comply with current legal requirements in the workplace in relation to safely moving and handling patients or clients in a variety of healthcare related settings. Also to understand the structure of the back and the ways in which it can become injured and how to apply the principles of safe moving and handling to prevent injury or illness.

Who should attend the Patient Moving & Handling Course

This Patient moving and Handling course is designed for healthcare workers or individuals who need to be trained to safely move and handle patients under The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations. The course is suitable for persons responsible for the moving and handling of people in hospitals, care homes and day centres, people’s own homes, the community and who work for nursing and healthcare agencies.

Patient Moving & Handling Course content

Over 50% of injuries and illness within the healthcare industry are of the back and shoulder and occur owing to the poor handling and moving of patients. The Patient Moving & Handling Course content is designed to highlight the problems associated with patient handling and sets out the best practices in dealing with them. The Key areas covered by the course are:

  • Accident statistics & the cost of non compliance
  • How your back works and the prevention of injury
  • The basic lifting techniques & patient handling concepts
  • Introduction to patient handling concepts
  • How to effectively move and handle patients safely
  • Ergonomics, Lifting Equipment and Risk Assessment
  • Practical Workshop of Moving and Handling Methods

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